Definitely do this!


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This retreat was exactly what I needed, immersing myself in Cuban culture while learning Spanish for two weeks in the land of salsa and rumba. The Spanish classes were structured but flexible enough to keep things interesting. Eve is a lovely host and a great language teacher, patient and happy to explain something again and again until it makes sense.
It was great to be able to practice what we learnt in the lessons during the activities that were scheduled later in the day. The activities were varied and I loved that they were mostly with local families as the experiences felt more authentic as a result e.g. the cooking class we had was amazing! There were also good number of rest days so things didn't get overwhelming.

If you're wondering whether you should sign up for this class, I'd say do it. Learning another language is a great skill to have + good way to meet new friends while traveling and doing it in this beautiful country is a bonus.

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