Discover Immersive Language Courses Across The World

Discover our immersive language courses across the world! I am beyond excited to announce that I will be hosting several different language courses in destinations all over the world.

As a travel blogger, I’ve always been blessed to document my travels abroad and show you the beauty of getting to know different cultures. 

As a Youtuber, I have always enjoyed teaching you languages and giving you language learning tips about the 8 languages I speak. 

Combining those two, I envisioned traveling and teaching you a language at the same time. I myself have done several language courses, my first one in Spain, Salamanca at the age of 18, and have ever since loved everything about them. Ever since my first language learning experience abroad, I was fascinated by how far you can improve your language skills by immersing yourself into a culture and getting to live like a local for an amount of time. 

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